Upgrade to vRealize Operations 6.6

First thing  before we start upgrading , we must download vRealize Operations Manager virtual appliance updates for both the operating system and the virtual appliance. You can do this from the same page on where you download vRealize Operations 6.6. Both of these are PAK files that will have file names similar to- vRealize_Operations_Manager-VA-OS-    and vRealize_Operations_Manager-VA-


Once Download is finished , Follow the steps as below:

Login to the vROps admin interface at – https://<master-node-FQDN-or-IP-address>/admin and Take the cluster offline.



Once the Custer is Offline, Start the upgrade process by clicking on Software Upgrade and Click on “Install a Software Update”


Click browse and select PAK file , there are two files that we need to download from VMware website , one is OS upgrade and another one is application upgrade.


let’s first upgrade OS , choose OS upgrade .pak file and Click on Upload.

63Check the version.


Accept the License , check the Update information


and Finally Click on Install


Monitor the installation process.10.png

Since in my Lab i have many appliances and it took almost half an hour to upgrade the OS of all the appliances, will reboot all the appliances and comeback , once done with OS upgrade ,

Lets start with application upgrade.

Please follow the same series of steps, shown above but provide the virtual appliance update PAK file this time. Click Upload.


Check if we have choosen the right file to upgrade.


Click install in the Last step and finally monitor the upgrade progress…


After some time, the virtual appliance will restart. Once restarted you should log back in to the admin console and here it is all new HTML5 vRealize Operation Manager.


and here is the version information..


that’s it , Happy learning 🙂



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