Learn NSX – Part-07 (Prepare vSphere Clusters)

NOTE –  

  • All hosts in the cluster must be in the vSphere Distributed Switch that is being leveraged by NSX.
  • VMware vSphere Update Manager™ must be disabled before preparing clusters for network virtualization.

To prepare a vSphere cluster for network virtualization:

  • Log in to the vSphere Web Client and click Networking & Security.
  • Select Installation under the Networking & Security section and select the Host Preparation tab.
  • Select the cluster you want to prepare for NSX:
  1. In the Installation Status column, click Install.
  2. Click OK to continue.



The Installation Status column will display In Progress for each member of the cluster.

  • After the Host Preparation installation has finished, the Installation Status and Firewall columns display a green checkmark, as well as the NSX version number.


If the Installation Status column contains a red warning icon displaying Not Ready, click Resolve. Clicking Resolve might result in a reboot of the host. If the installation is still not successful, click the warning icon to display all errors. Take the required action and click Resolve again.

Happy Learning 🙂

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