Deploy Cloud Director orgVDC Edge API Way

Recently working with a provider who was needed some guidance on deploying orgVDC Edge API way so that their developer can use API way to automate customer orgVDC edge deployment for tenants. so here are are steps which i shared with him , sharing here too..lets get started..

First thing is we need to authenticate to Cloud Director, in this example, my credentials is the equivalent of cloud director System Administrator and I am connecting to provider session using Open API cloud director API and choose Authorization as basic with provider credential.

let’s do the post API call for getting an API session token.

POST - https://<vcdurl>/cloudapi/1.0.0/sessions/provider

Once you have authenticated, click on the Headers tab and you will see your Authorization key for this session. the Key “X-VMWARE-VCLOUD-ACCESS-TOKEN”, we will use this key to authenticate further API sessions using “Bearer” token

Next API Call is to get the current Edge gateways deployed by using above “Bearer Token”. this for me was the easiest way to reference required objects for next API call. (i deployed a sample edge in Org to get references)

Result of above API call , will give you lots of information that will be used in our next API call to create an Edge:

Now Lets create orgVDC edge by creating body for POST API Call, From above result take few mandatory filed values like:

  • uplinkID
  • Subnets/gateway/IP address will be as per your environment
  • orgVDC and Its ID
  • OwnerRef , name and its id
  • OrgRef, name and its id

Here is reference payload of my API call for orgVDCEdge creation

            "name": "avnish2",
            "description": "test avnish2",
            "edgeGatewayUplinks": [
                    "uplinkId": "urn:vcloud:network:e0d2cd31-3034-489c-b318-cd36efe89729",
                    "subnets": {
                        "values": [
                                "gateway": "",
                                "prefixLength": 24,
                                "ipRanges": {
                                    "values": [
                                          "startAddress": "",
                                          "endAddress": ""
                                "enabled": true,
                                "primaryIp": ""
                    "connected": true,
                    "quickAddAllocatedIpCount": null,
                    "dedicated": false,
                    "vrfLiteBacked": false
            "orgVdc": {
                "name": "avnish-ovdc",
                "id": "urn:vcloud:vdc:45202398-51ee-4887-886a-1eecb9fdaa1c"
            "ownerRef": {
                "name": "avnish-ovdc",
                "id": "urn:vcloud:vdc:45202398-51ee-4887-886a-1eecb9fdaa1c"
            "orgRef": {
                "name": "Avnish",
                "id": "urn:vcloud:org:ddf6d02f-1552-49ac-8c25-30c36f63d5b6"


Do the Post to https://<vcdip>/cloudapi/1.0.0/edgeGateways

you should see “accepted” response , which confirms that Cloud Director will deploy OrgVDC edge with the information that you provided in the above post API call.

Once you got “accepted” response , if you go to Cloud Director , you should see above call should have deployed “OrgVDC Edge” for a specific organisation.

I hope this helps in case if you want to use API way to provision orgVDC Edge for a tenant.


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