What is VMware Cloud Provider Pod

There are lots of partners looking for a solution which can automate the entire deployment of vCD based cloud once racking , stacking and cabling is done for their infrastructure that is where VMware Cloud Provider Pod helps…Basically Cloud Provider Pod automate the deployment of VMware-based clouds. A Cloud Provider Pod-deployed stack adheres to VMware Validated Design principles and is thoroughly tested for interoperability and performance. It is also tested for cloud-scale and is built to handle rigorous Cloud Provider workloads. It deploys technologies with core provider capabilities such as data center extension, cloud migration, and multi-tenancy and chargeback, and helps achieve the fastest path to VMware-based cloud services delivery. Cloud provider POD help cloud providers time to market and help in improving service delivery.


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Cloud Provider Pod 1.1 : Supported Interoperable Version for Deployment

vSphere 6.7u1
vSAN 6.7u1
NSX 6.4.4
vCloud Director Extender
vRealize Orchestrator 7.5
vRealize Operations 7.0, including Multi-Tenant App 2.0
vRops – Cloud Pod Management Pack
vRealize Log Insight 4.7
vRealize Network Insight 4.0
Usage Meter 3.6.1

POD Designer walk through

The Cloud Provider Pod Designer offers Providers the choice to start with a VMware Validated Design (CONFIGURE YOUR CLOUD) or the Advanced Design which is custom designer based on your environment specific requirement not as per VMware validated design.


The main difference between the VMware Validated Design and the Advanced Configuration modes is that you can choose to use NFS, iSCSI or Fibre Channel as your storage options. The setup of BGP AS and other options is also not required, but can be done.VVD designer start with asking basic details about your cloud environment that you want to build , Click on “Configure Your Cloud” which will take you to below screen where you need to fill in “General Parameters”


Next will take you the screen where you need to choose optional packages that you want to add/exclude from your deployment.


Next will take you to Resource cluster selection , where you need to choose how many resource cluster your deployment will have and within that resource cluster how many host that you would have.


In the next screen , Enter your environment variable like DNS ,NTP  etc…


Enter your Management Cluster’s Networking and public facing ip addressing in “External/DMZ IP Assignment” and in MAC Addresses , you can add the MAC addresses for the hosts during the Cloud Provider Pod Designer workflow, or later during the deployment workflow. The number of available MAC addresses text boxes depends on how many hosts have been configured on the Sizing page



Enter your resource cluster details like VXLAN Segment etc…


Choose Hypervisor’s NIC allocation.


Enter License Keys now or post deployment also licenses can be assigned.


“Generate all Documentation Files”  –  This is very important and all the providers will like it , it basically automate the creation of design document and configuration work book of your environment , which was the biggest pain where Architects/consultants used to spend lots of time writing design document with visio’s etc.. this is all automatically get generated using CPod.


Once you click on “Generate Configuration” , it will generate your deployment bundle and documentation and email it to you then you can use “Cloud Provider Pod Deployer” to start the deployment. here is overall flow of the entire process


Cloud Provider Pod Deployer

Use Cloud provider deployer to deploy entire infrastructure on a click of a button. Detailed documentation and step-by-step instructions on how to use the Cloud Provider Pod Deployer to create a new environment are available in the Cloud Provider Operations guide. This guide is delivered by the Cloud Provider Pod Designer as part of generated documentation by an Email , which you registered at the start of designer.

Deployer Video is here for your reference – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xOiToL2o94&feature=youtu.be&list=PLunwH0gjkUBi7Mu18nNXxUl6FgzpU3iyd



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  1. Hello, this is good stuff. Thank you for sharing. Unfortunately, I’m not able to access the youtube video. It is listed a private. Would you be able to make it public?


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