vCloud Availability Cloud-to-Cloud Design and Deploy Guide

a.pngvCloud Architecture Toolkit white paper that I have written now has been  published on the website – this design and deploy guide helps cloud providers to design and deploy vCloud Availability Cloud-to-Cloud DR solution.  This guide is based on real life example and helps cloud providers to successfully plan , design and deploy vCloud Availability Cloud-to-Cloud DR based on version 1.5.

White Paper Download Link

This white paper includes the following chapters to plan your deployment:

  • Introduction
  •  Use Cases
  • vCloud Availability Cloud-to-Cloud DR Components
  • vCloud Availability Cloud-to-Cloud DR Node Types and Sizing
  • vCloud Availability Cloud-to-Cloud DR Deployment Requirements
  • vCloud Availability Cloud-to-Cloud DR Architecture Design
  • Physical Design
  • Certificate
  • Network Communication and Firewalls
  • Deployment
  • Replication Policy
  • Services Management Interface Addresses
  • Log Files
  • Configuration Files
  •  References

I hope this helps in your plan, design  and deployment of vCloud Availability Cloud-to-Cloud DR version 1.5. please feel free to share the feedback to make this white paper more effective and helpful.


1 Comment

  1. Emanuele Roserba says:

    Hello, thanks for sharing this guide.
    In your opinion, is the C2C version a working product, or mostly incomplete and work in progress like VCAV 2.0?


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