vCloud Director – Chargeback

There were frequent asks from VMware based cloud providers that we must have a robust metering capabilities, VMware has launched New vRealize Operations Manager Tenant App for vCloud Director 2.0 in conjunction with vROps which has now inbuilt Charge back and metering capabilities.

Here I am going to discusses few awesome features with detailed screenshot. Go ahead and try these new features in your environment and build a robust Cloud infrastructure with native charge back with additional cost.

Creation of pricing policy based on chargeback strategy: With this new Release  Provider administrator can create one or more pricing policies based on how they can chargeback their consumers. Based on the vCloud Director allocation models, each pricing policy is of the type, allocation, reservation, or pay-as-you-go (PAYG).


This New Tenant App for vCloud Director 2.0 provides following ways to create pricing policies:

  • Base prices for primary resources:

    Pricing policy can be created to charge for primary resources, CPU, memory, storage, and network.

    • CPU & Memory ->

      • Users can be charged base on GHz or vCPU , can be charged “Hourly”,”Daily”,”Monthly”.policy02policy03
      • Charge Flexibility : Users can be charge based on allocation, use, reservation, or the advanced methodology such as, taking maximum of usage and allocation. Fixed cost too is available.policy04policy06
    • Storage ->

      • You can create various policies based on storage tiers to charge differential pricing and it is mapped to your storage policies.storagepolicy01
        • if not using Policy based storage then use based on Standard rate as below:storagepolicy02.png
    • Network ->

      • Data transmitted/received (MB), and network transmitted/received rate (MBPS) can be charged.Network01.png
    • Advanced Network ->

      • Pricing configurations:Pricing policy provides the flexibility to configure advanced chargeback mechanisms for network services, apart from charging primary network resources. Using advanced network pricing, users can apply variable and fixed charges for the following network services associated with edge. BGP Routing, DHCP, Firewall, High Availability, IP, IPV6, IP Sec, Load Balancer, L2 VPN, NAT, OSPF Routing, Static Routing, SSL VPN, Base rate and fixed costs can be applied for Edge Gateway sizes


    • Guest OS pricing ->

      • Guest OS can be charged uniquely. The charge can be applied based on the VM uptime, regardless of the uptime, or if the VM is powered-on at least once.gos01.png

    • Tag based and vCD metadata-based chargeback mechanism -> 

      •  Differential pricing can be established using tags or vCD metadata. Using vCenter tags or vCD metadata, tag key and key value can be referenced to apply base rate or fixed cost for VMs
  • Apply Policy ->

    • New Tenant App provides flexibility to the Service Provider administrator to map the created pricing policies with specific organization vDC. By doing this, the service provider can holistically define how each of their customers can be charged. The following vCloud Director allocation models are supported as part of the chargeback mechanism: Reservation pool Pay-as-you-go Allocation pool.assign.png
  • Exhaustive set of templates – >

    • Service Provider administrator can generate reports at various levels for a different set of objects. The following OOTB default templates are available:

  • Detailed Billing for Each Tenant ->

    • Every tenant/customer of service provider can review their bills using the vCD tenant app interface. Service Provider administrator can generate bills for a tenant by selecting a specific resource and a pricing policy that must be applied for a defined period and can also log in to review the bill details.
    • bill.png

This completes the feature demonstration available with vRealize Operations Manager Tenant App for vCloud Director 2.0. GO ahead and deploy and add native charge back power to your Cloud. 🙂


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