VMware vCloud Availability Installation-Part-9-Tenant On-Boarding

Let’s Deploy your very known vSphere replication appliances and before we get in to that ensure that Tenant/customer has vSphere and vSphere Web Client installed and if vSphere is installed properly ,then in the vSphere Web Client, select the vCenter Server instance on which you are deploying vSphere Replication, click Manage > Settings > Advanced Settings, and verify that the VirtualCenter.FQDN value is set to a fully-qualified domain name.

Let’s On-Board tenant – Download vSphere Replication appliance ISO , mount the ISO and choose below three files during deployment of OVF from vSphere Client. we had multiple times deployed OVF , so not covering entire process in details , here are the screenshots of installation…


there are two configurations , i am choosing minimum with 2vCPU, for your environment you can choose based on recommendation for production.


Enter IP address and other details, ensure that this IP address is reachable to Cloud ( you can use NAT etc..)


Register your vSphere Replication appliance with vCenter SSO and after registering restart the services and ensure services are up and running.


Pair Sites

Login to vCenter and Click on “Site Recovery” that will take you to below screen , on this screen click on “Configure”.


Configure opens a new Window , Click on “NEW SITE PAIR”


First site must be your current vCenter and “Second Site” – Choose “Cloud Provider”

Cloud Provider Address – Enter the IP address or URL like (vcd.provider.com) of the vCD without /Cloud.

Enter Organization name which is configured on the cloud and your org cloud credentials and click Next.


if you do not have any connectivity issue , then you should see certificate warning. Accept Certificate warning by clicking on “CONECT”


Select your VDC and click Next.


Configure Network Mapping for your VMs in provider environment , and the best thing is you can select two networks, one for testing DR and another one is actual DR. ( How many Cloud providers has this option ?)


Configuring and enabling replication tasks.


this completes Tenant on-boarding , now Tenant can choose which VM they want to DR to Cloud.



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