VMware vCloud Availability Installation-Part-8-Integration and DRaaS portal access

As we have completed  the deployment of  all the individual components of vCloud Availability, we must need to configure them to talk/register to each other to support DRaaS.

1- Configure the vSphere Replication Manager

Configure vSphere Replication Manager with vCD using Below command.


Run below command to check if the HMS service started successfully.

hms022– Configure Cassandra

First import  vSphere Replication Cloud Service host certificates to Cassandra host.


Next is to register the Cassandra hosts with the lookup service.  run below command to register. you must see a successful message.


3- Configure vSphere Replication Cloud Service

Next is to configure the vSphere Replication Cloud Service VM, use below command to register vSphere Replication Cloud Service appliance to vCD, resource vCenter Server, and RabbitMQ server.


Run below command to check the status of service. it should return “OK” if service started successfully.


4- Configure vSphere Replication Server

this step is to attach vSphere Replication Server to vSphere Replication Manager and vCenter Server.


5- Configure vCloud Availability portal host

Use below command to configure the vCloud Availability Portal host and if it returns “OK” , then we have successfully configured vCloud Availability portal host.


6- Configure vCloud Availability Administration Portal

This portal runs a small “Mongo DB”. we must configure the vCloud Availability Administration Portal host with the vCloud Director server and its embedded MongoDB server then only services will start.


7 – Assign vSphere Replication Cloud Service Rights to the vCD Org Admin Role

before we enable VDC for replication , we must assign vSphere Replication Cloud Service rights to the vCD org administrator role.

SSH to VCAV appliance and run below command


see “–org” parameter i have put in “*” , that means all organisation’s admin will have vSphere Replication Cloud Service rights , if you want to enable on a particular organisation then instead of “*” , put organisation name.

8 – Enable org VDC for Replication

This step enable particular VDC for replication. run below command to get the list of “organisations” that we have and if you see the output of command , it says we have 4 organisations.


in the next command , let’s find out for organisation “T1” what is the vcd name on which we need to enable DRaas. you can check same thing using GUI also.


This is actual step to enable organisation “T1”  having VDC “T1-VDC” for enabling replication, and if everything goes right then we must see “OK” , that means our VDC is ready to use DRaaS.


This completes configuration, lets login to DR tenant portal using tenant portal URL , you need to use tenant credential for which this service has been enabled.



This is Service provider portal , on which you can check which orgs has been configured for DRaaS. here you will use your administration credential.


This completes service provider end configuration , in next post we will configure client end configuration and will see how to enable replication from customer data center.