VMware vCloud Availability Installation-Part-6-Create vSphere Replication Cloud Service Host & Replication Server

The vSphere Replication Cloud Service is a tenancy aware replication manager that provides the required API for managing the service and all the components. vSphere Replication Cloud Service registers it self as a vCloud Director extension and will be  accessible through the vCloud Director interface.

Lets Deploy vSphere Replication Cloud Service Host using below command..




Create a new Variable with below information.

#export HCS01_ADDRESS=

we will use this variable in subsequent commands.

Next is to configure trust for vSphere replication certificate by vSphere using below command.


if command response is “OK” , that means we have successfully deployed vSphere Replication Cloud Service Host.

Create vSphere Replication Server

As we know vSphere Replication Server handles the replication process for each protected virtual machine. ideally it should be deployed one per manager instance.Run command as below to deploy HBR01.


if the deployment has been successfully completed , then you would get VM IP as success  message.


Next is to  create a variable with the IP address of above deployed VM, you can create additional variable if you have deployed multiple hms. this variable we will use in further commands. (Variables are casesensitive)

#export HBR01_ADDRESS=

Next step is to trust the vSphere replication certificate by vSphere using below command and it should return “OK”


This completes deployment of vSphere Replication Server appliance for vCAV.