VMware vCloud Availability Installation-Part-5-Deploy vSphere Replication Manager

vSphere Replication Manager manages and monitors the replication process from tenant VMs to the cloud provider environment. A vSphere Replication management service runs for each vCenter Server and tracks changes to VMs and infrastructure related to replication. these appliances can be horizontally scaled based on the requirement.

In production environment we must deploy one vSphere Replication Manager for each Resource vCenter Server but in this lab i will be deploying in my management vCenter only as i don’t have two separate vCenter one for management and another one for tenant called resource vCenter.

Let’s Start the deployment , again make a SSH connection to VCAV appliance and run below command to deploy replication manager.

you do not need to specify the location of Replication manager appliance location as described in the documentation , command picks up automatically from within the appliances.

Location of appliances on the VCAV appliance is – /opt/vmware/share/vCAvForVCD/latest


Run command as below to deploy HMS01 on vCAV appliance.


I am using –debug just to understand what is happening behind the scene but you can ignore it if you want and monitor the progress in vCenter, it must be deploying a VM with Name called “hms01” with IP “” as specified in –vm-address option.


once succeed and result on appliance will be displayed as deployed Virtual Machine IP address , that means it is successfully deployed virtual Machine.


Repeat the same process to deploy additional hms ,if you have many resource vCenter ideally you should have one per vCenter..

Next is to  create a variable with the IP address of above deployed VM, you can create additional variable if you have deployed multiple hms. this variable we will use in further commands.

#export HMS01_ADDRESS=

Next step is to trust the vSphere replication certificate by vSphere using below command and it should return “OK”


This completes deployment of vSphere Replication Manager appliance for vCAV, which will help us  in managing and monitoring the replication process from tenant VMs to the service provider environment.