VMware vCloud Availability Installation-Part-4-vCD Configuration and IP Plan

In continuation to deploy and configure vCloud availability , till now we deployed vCAV appliance and prepared its dependencies. in this post we will configure vCD to be used as DR site and will Plan IP schema for vCAV appliances which will be deployed next.

First setup a trusted connection between the RabbitMQ host and the vCloud Availability Installer Appliance.


Register RabbitMQ host with vCloud Director by running the following command on the vCloud Availability Installer Appliance.


if command responds “OK” then configuration has been successfully applied. you can also verify in vCD UI.

3.pngRestart vCloud Director Service after configuring AMQP settings, by using

#Service vmware-vcd restart

Check vCD Endpoints:

This step to verify that our environment is properly configured for vCloud Availability installation, by checking the vCloud Director endpoints for known problems.


if everything  has been done properly then we should get response as “OK”. This completes pre-configuration before proceeding with the installation of VCAV Replication/UI Virtual Machines but before we get into the installation of appliances , we need to plan IP address and DNS names for those appliances.

Here is my IP planning sheet for your reference.

                                                  Planning Sheet  
Machine Type DNS Name IP Address
vCloud Availability Portal vcav.corp.local
Docker Host for Cassandra and RabbitMQ docker01.corp.local
HMS hms01.corp.local
HCS hcs01.corp.local
HBR hbr01.corp.local
UI01 ui01.corp.local
UI02 ui02.corp.local

This Completes this post , in next post we will install appliances using above Table.