Installing and Configuring VMware vCloud Availability for Cloud-to-Cloud DR – Part2

In Previous Post we had successfully installed VCAv-C2C on Site1 and following same steps i have installed on Site2 as well. now Next step is to establish a trust between vCloud Availability vApp Replication Service/Manager instances in these two different sites.we can initiate  site pairing from either one of the sites.In this post i will cover Pairing between sites and Administrator GUI walk through , so let’s Start….

In your Browser, Login to  https://Appliance-IP-Address:8046.


Go to Sites , Click on New site and In the Sites administration window, enter the site “B” vCloud Availability vApp Replication Service/Manager url , enter siteB appliance password and click OK.


Accept Certificate and if everything entered is correct and goes fine then we will see “Pairing Successful” message :).


To verify that the trust , Lets Go to Sites > Show all sitesThe new site displays in the Sites administration window.


We can reverify by going into “Diagnostics” -> Health -> Site Status


This completes Pairing , here is the Site2 View…


Login as Service Provider (SP admin GUI Walkthrough)

Cloud Provider System administrators can log in to the vCAv-C2C Portal to view information about DR workloads from the vCloud Director instances, monitor services health status and work as tenant organisation administrators.

Lets login https://Appliance_IP_Address:8443 with login as administrator@system or adminuser@system.

7 .            9

On vCloud Availability Portal  , after login as a service provider, you can review the Home dashboard. It contains read-only information that presents a site health summary.

A rolling bar on top of the dashboard view given over all health of the solution and we can pause/resume this operation.


Cloud Topology pane shows the incoming and outgoing vApps replications for both, the source and destination sites.


vApp Workload Status window lists the current health of vApp replications.

12.pngVM Workload Information window shows the health of the site you are currently logged in for VMs incoming and outgoing replications.


Provider vDC System Resource Utilization window tracks how much storage, memory, and CPU is used from the allocated system resources.


Top 3 Orgs window helps you to view the overall vCloud Director used storage by those organizations, and their vApps and VMs replication states.


Orgs page we can track the number of vCD orgs, usage of total storage, total pre-allocated CPU, and total pre-allocated memory for those orgs and other information.


DR Workloads page lists down workloads protected on source site1 and workloads protected to destination site2 respectively.


Administration page, to add a service component for monitoring and Configuration tab to Edit the vDC resource usage threshold shared by CPU, memory and storage. Optionally, you enable tenant vDC monitoring.


This post covers pairing and Admin walkthrough of Interface , in next post i will cover configuration of vApp/VM DR and tenant portal walkthrough…








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