vRA7.3 – T-Shirt Size BluePrints

While I was working on various vRA deployment whether it is 6.x , 7.0 , 7.1 and 7.2 and many of my customers was looking for T-Shirt sizing VMs and I had to write vRO workflow with custom properties to ensure that customer get desired T-shirt sizing deployed VMs.

Now with the release of vRA7.3 , this is Out of the box available , Now you can have traditional blue print where user will chose number of CPU’s and Memory etc…or you can have blueprints where user chooses T-shirt size(like Small , Medium and Large )  deployment. obviously these parameterized blueprints will help us in reducing blueprint sprawls.

In vRA 7.3 VMware Introduced component profiles for defining size and image attributes , which will going to help us out in creating T-Shirt size blue prints and further we can trigger approval policies to size or image conditions.

In this post I will create a simple blue print by defining size and image attributes.

Let’s first Define Component Profile Size:

  • Log in to the vRealize Automation console as an administrator with tenant administrator and IaaS administrator access rights.
  • Select Administration > Property Dictionary > Component Profiles.2
  • Click Size in the Name Column.
  • Click the Value Sets tab3
  • For defining a new value set, Click New and configure the Size settings.4
  • Enter the Values based on your defined sizes., Here I am creating three sizes:

    Small: 1 vCPU, 4 GB RAM and 10 GB Storage.

    Medium: 2 vCPU, 8 GB RAM and 20 GB Storage.

    Large: 4 vCPU, 16 GB RAM and 40 GB Storage


  • Once defined all the value sets click Finish , and we will have three value sets defined.


    Next is the image profile.Now Click on Image

  • Click Size in the Name Column.7
  • 8
  • Click on Value Set and then Click on New

    Enter Display Name

    Enter Status as Active

    Enter Action as Clone and we will be cloning from a template

    Enter Blueprint Type as Server

    Enter CloneFrom as “your vSphere Template”

    Enter Customization Spec as “Same name as you have created in vCenter”

    Enter Provisioning workflow as Cloneworkflow9.png

  • I am creating Image Value Sets for three operating systems

    Windows 2012

    Windows 2016

    Cent OS

  • 10
  • Once created all, Click Finish.

We are done with Value Set of size and Image.

Now let’s create a Blueprint to use these Value Sets.

  • Log in as an infrastructure architect.

Click the Design tab.

Click New.

  • In the New Blueprint window:
  • Type the name of the blueprint in the Name text box.
  • The Identifier text box will be auto-populated.
  • Type the purpose of the blueprint in the optional Description text box.
  • Select the Archive
  • Select the Minimum and Maximum Lease
  • On the NSX Settings tab, select Transport zone and Routed gateway reservation policy as applicable.
  • Click OK.


  • Click Machine Types in the left top navigation panel.You will see a list of all the machine types below.
  • Drag and drop a VMware vSphere® machine onto the main canvas.


  • Type the name of the VM component in the ID text box.
  • Leave the Machine Prefix as Use Group Default. The host name will be assigned based on the machine prefix defined in your business group.
  • Select the Minimum and Maximum13.png
  • Select Network & Security in the top left pane.
  • Drag and drop Existing Network on the main canvas.


  • In the Select Network Profile dialog box, select the network profile to use in your blueprint. Click OK and Click Save.
  • Select the vSphere machine again on the main canvas. On the Network tab:
    • Click New.
    • Select the Network.
    • For Assignment Type, select Static IP or DHCP.15.png
  • Next Important to Achieve t-shirt sizing, go to Profile
    • Click on ADD
    • 16.png
    • choose your component profile which we have created in previous steps and Click OK.
    • 17
    • Then Click on Size and Choose Edit Value Sets and Choose all the Value sets that you want and a default value sets
    • 18a
    • 17-a.png
    • Click Ok and Publish the Blueprint.
    • 18.png
    • 19
    • After configuration of entitlement , you will get Blueprint is in Service Catalog.
    • 22a.png
    • Let’s Request a VM using T-Shirt Sizing
    • Choose Image Set that we have created in Image Value Sets.
    • 20
    • Choose Size that we have created in size Value Sets.21

Happy learning 🙂