vRA URL Redirection using NSX LB


When accessing vRealize Automation, the FQDN of the vRA appliance in the browser will take you to a page that looks like this


though this can be useful page when first getting started but it is not exactly what customer want end users to see when trying to access the vRA portal. It can be particularly troublesome if they use the link to access the vRA portal and they should be using a specific tenant URL.

Lets add a redirect that will directly send them to the login page. we will archive this using  NSX edge LB Application rules.

Open the NSX edge which is working as LB and go to Application Rules and Click on green “+”  to add a rule like this:


Save this and add to your vRA VIP.

This will help your end users will go straight to the login page when pointing their browser to the FQDN of the vRA appliance.


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