vRealize Network Insight (vRNI)

VMware vRealize Network Insight 3.0.0 (Arkin) is now generally available. vRNI delivers intelligent operations for software-defined networking and security, with converged visibility across virtual and physical networks, planning and recommendations for micro-segmentation and operations management for NSX.vRealize Network Insight provides converged operations plane between virtual and physical network.

Benefits of vRNI

–Increase speed and accuracy of micro-segmentation deployment

–Rapidly operationalize NSX environments with out of the box best practice

–Modern, simple, Google-like search

–Easy access to NSX activities and security events

–Integrates with all major 3rd party network vendors with out of the box discovery of             virtual & physical topology

–Quickly onboard existing teams to operate NSX easily

Some of the Features-

East-West Traffic Analysis (Deep insight within your VMware Infrastructure)

  • East-West Traffic Flow Analysis
  • Breakdown of Data Center Traffic by East-West, VM-to-VM, VM-to-Physical, Switched, Routed, etc.
  • Get Detailed Flow stats behind each number


Micro-Segmentation – Security Policy Automation

  • Discover vCenter and NSX constructs (folders, clusters, vlans, security tags)
  • Automated Security Groupings Based on vCenter and NSX Constructs, Workload Characteristics, Ports, Common Services
  • Recommended Security Policies / Firewall Rules (Zero-Trust Model)
  • See Network Traffic Per Host, Per VM
  • Export as CSV


If you see above figure , “Prod-Web” vm’s having connectivity with “Prod-Midtier” , as well as Internet ,shared Physical servers and DC Physical Servers.

Have you ever seen like this , so much of visibility in your virtual infrastructure.


Data Paths Across Overlay (vxlan) And Underlay (Physical/vLAN)

  • VM to VM, VM to Physical, VM to Internet
  • Hop-by-Hop Path across Overlay (LDRs, Edge Gateways) and Underlay (Physical VDCs & VRFs)



Two appliances have to be deployed:

  • vRealize Network Insight Platform
  • vRealize Network Insight Proxy

Resource requirements:

  • vRealize Network Insight Platform OVA:
  1. 750 GB – HDD, Thin provisioned
  2. 32 GB RAM – Reservation – 16GB
  3.  8 cores – Reservation 4096 Mhz
  • vRealize Network Insight Proxy OVA:
  1. 4 cores – Reservation 2048 Mhz
  2. 10 GB RAM – Reservation – 5GB
  3. 150 GB – HDD, Thin provisioned
  • VMware vCenter Server (version 5.5 and 6.0).
  • To configure and use IPFIX
  • vCenter Server Credentials with privileges:
    • Distributed Switch: Modify
    • dvPort group: Modify
  • VMware ESXi:
    • 5.5 Update 2 (Build 2068190) and above
    • 6.0 Update 1b (Build 3380124) and above
  • Recommended that VMware Tools is installed on all the Virtual Machines in the data center. This helps in identifying the VM to VM traffic.

Software requirements

  •  Google Chrome browser

Installation Workflow


Download From Here


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