!!!!Passed VCIX-NV!!!!

Hi Friends , today set for VCIX-NV (advanced level of certification for VMware NSX) exam and really felling happy and exited to share that i have cleared it , now i am VCIX-NV certified.



The VCIX-NV exam is the advanced level of certification for VMware NSX in the Network Virtualization track. If you plan on passing this exam, you’ll need good knowledge on NSX-v , vSphere  and also some advanced networking concepts. Personally, I found this to be the most difficult VMware exam I’ve taken so far. The topics covered were fair, nothing was asked that was not clearly defined in the blueprint. I found the tasks to be fairly difficult, compared to what I had experienced in other VCAP exams. So this is one exam that you’ll really need lots of hands on experience to pass I believe it will make passing the exam very difficult otherwise.

The version of NSX used for the exam was 6.0.4, you can expect some minor differences if you are using the latest versions, 6.2.x. The exam environment here is Mumbai was very slow , require lots of patience while clicking on links . My Firefox browser did crash a few times though and I did have to restart it.

Advise for the guys who are preparing for VCIX-NV , have lots of practice specially on VMware Hols and get your networking and vSphere fundas refreshed.

Best of Luck !!!!!


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