NSX Components

Starting a series of posts for beginners , who wants to understand what is NSX and What it does , how it can help you and your organisations to enhance networking and security inside the datacenters.

Here is the list of Components which are required to prepare NSX Infrastructure:

  • vSphere ESX Agent Manager (EAM)
  • NSX Manager
  • Controller cluster (if using unicast, hybrid mode or distributed logical routing)
  • VTEP (ESXi hypervisor)
  • User world agents (UWA)
  •  vSphere distributed switch


I will explain each of the Components using series of Posts…..

Finding IDs of vCenter Object

When you use NSX API , there are many places inside the API we need to provide Object Ids. here is the procedure by which we can get vCenter Object IDs.

We can Use the vCenter MOB (Managed Object) viewer to find the object IDs. Browse to https://<vcenter>/mob and log in with an account that has administrative privileges within vSphere.

From there, click on Content > the rootFolder value link > the childEntity value link > any object you need an ID for. below is what mine looks like….


Happy Learning 🙂