NSX Edge Backup and Restore


Apart from NSX Manager backup and restore procedure , I was looking for a procedure to backup and restore NSX edge appliances.Here is the API way to do this…. (this may not be supported by VMware)

Backup NSX Edge Configuration-

To get edge configuration of a specified edge using REST API, use the following rest API call.

Request type: GET https://<nsxmgr-ip>/api/4.0/edges/<Edge-id>


Save the response body (output) as backed up configuration in a file.

Note : Backup the edge certificates , passkeys and passphrase outside of NSX as the edge certificates are not exported  as  part of the REST call.

How to Restore Edge Configuration-

To deploy a new edge using backed up configuration in the above step, use the following rest API call with the saved backed up configuration inside the API call body.

Before pasting the backup in the request body make the following changes……

Remove the section <id><edge-id></id>


Add a new section <password>your 12 digit password </password> inside <cliSettings></cliSettings>




you must remove the section <clientSsl></clientSsl> in the Application Profiles inside Load-Balancer if exists.


Now go to your API client and

Request type: POST   and URL – https://<nsxmgr-ip>/api/4.0/edges/
where body is the backed up configuration with the above modifications.


if above goes well , it will deploy edge with existing configuration and response will be like this.


then user will have to go to the NSX UI and self sign the certificate or import the certificate. If the certificate was associated to an application profile, the user will have to do the same via UI.



6 thoughts on “NSX Edge Backup and Restore

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  2. Hi!
    Unfortunately I got the error doing this API request.
    I remove the line with xml version from the body.
    The error is –
    224Invalid request syntax.For input string: ""

    I can’t still find the solution.


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